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Sara Arnaout was born in Turin, Italy on March  5, 1971.

She grew up in Amman , Jordan, the country of her father.

She moved back to Torino, further on, with her mother and sister to live with her maternal grandparents. During this period   she fall in love the great pop icons of the cinema and music of ’50s and ’60s .

At the age of thirteen she is moves to USA where she studies at the Red Bank in New Jersey and stands out by winning many art awards. Later on she attends the  Red Bank Regional High School, participating the competitions suggested by her art classes teachers.

At 1988 she moves back to Milano with her family.

She studied the scenografy and in 1996 she is graduated with honors, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera .

The Academy provided her with the technical means and cultural horizon in order to refine her art:  drawing inspiration from the great masters of Italian “Arte Povera” and the American Pop Art. She creates sets and costumes using printed paper, newspaper clippings, materials and fabrics.

She participates actively at the artistic life of Brera, she works on set designs and short films, and in 1995 she participates in the exhibition realized by Prof. Del Guercio, Holder of the Cathedra of History and Contemporary Arts at the Brera Academy, in the Museum of Assets Unaware Forms of Genova – the modulo  entitled “IDENTITY ‘- Materials of Contemporary Art”.

This artist draws freely inspired by the techniques of contemporary art, making use of instruments and non-traditional means of painting as collage, de-collage and automatic writing.

Her informal art inspired by her passions, myths and the great desire for freedom of expression that distinguish her. Her artworks are called “Fragments of Memories” and she considers them the artistic expression of her personal lifetime experience.

Sara Arnaout actually lives and works in Milan, exposing in Italy and Germany and she is one of the most important actual Italian pop artists.



Opening exposition of Gallery Re d’Italia Art with honorable presentation of Sara Arnout Art by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi


“Dal Decollage di Mimmo Rotella alla Pop Art di Sara Arnaout” Re D’Italia Art Gallery, Munich, Germany




“Arte e musica come veicolo di pace” – Casa San Remo,  Festival della Canzone Italiana di San Remo, Italy

Mecenavie collective, Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France


“ Milano meets Miami” concurrently with Art Basel, Hotel Victor, Miami, Florida, USA

“ 200 maestri dell’arte italiana, 100 artisti esordienti” Expo Arte Italiana a proyect of  Regione Lombardia,  at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, Milano

“ Artisti Italiani Contemporanei dal ‘900 ad oggi” third edition at Re D’italia Art Gallery, Munich, Germany .


“Artisti Italiani Contemporanei dal ‘900 ad oggi” second edition at Re D’italia Art Gallery, Munich, Germany .

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