Raul Eberhard – Acerca de lo común



Raul Eberhard – Acerca de lo comun – (About the Common) 70x30cm.

This book, called “Acerca de lo común” (About the Common) has been edited at year 2000 and released at National Museum of Modern Art at Madrid. It is designed by artist Raul Eberhard and its content is the artwork of this author done during 10 years previous to its edition. There are total of 1000 examples of this precious book-object, it has been bounded manually and each one contains a piece of a huge canvas painted at famous Plaza Mayor of Madrid. Therefore each one of them is original and unique.

Its special dimensions of 70x30cm suggest from its beginning the motivation to create the book of art which contains its own graphic visual lecture for the viewer-reader.

This book was elected to be integrated at EXPO-BOOKS at The National Library at Madrid, together with election of the books from year 1700-2000 and deserved the recognition and prize as The Best Edition of year 2000.

The texts at the book are made by several important Spanish experts in art, fashion and editorial world such as  Pedro Mansilla, Sociologist and expert in fashion , singer Luis Eduardo Aute, Pedro Javalolles, Editorial Director of  Progress of EL PAIS newspaper, Fernando Castro, art critic and Rogelio Blanco, Director of Foundation María Zambrano.

The book is sold in its original box and written in Spanish.



Raul Eberhard – Acerca de lo comun – (About the Common) 70x30cm.


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