Gultekin Bilge – SomeBody There



Some Body There

Size: 41 x 29 cm Framed: 66 x 54 cm

Oil on Paper


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Some Body There – Size: 41 x 29 cm Framed: 66 x 54 cm – Oil on Paper

Abstract portraits in red and green express Bilge’s idea that none of us lives our life in isolation and that human experience involves relating to others. Even when we are alone, always “somebody is there” in our memories or in the background of our lives.  These people may be remembering us, thinking about us, talking about us, or responding emotionally to something we have said or done.  They may say or think good or bad things. They may misunderstand or misinterpret our motives or actions.  They may run us down or they may support us. We don’t know what others may do or say. Although we may not be aware of it, we exist in the memories of others and always somebody is remembering us and relating to us, just as we have memories of them.

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