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Natacha Téllez was born on the 18th of July 7 of 1969 at Buenos Aires, Argentina

She studied at national school of fine arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, BA, where she obtained the first title of Professor of Sculpture in 1993 and later she followed the studies in high school for fine arts Ernesto de la Cárcava and she graduated as Superior Professor of Sculpture in 1997.

During the same period she was studding painting at the workshop of  Aurelio Macchi and Adolfo Nigro, sculpture at Haydé Callandrelli workshop, sculpture and welding at the workshop of Pájaro Gomez, and from time to time she was doing seminaries for drawing and composition with professors Pipo Ferrari and Horacio D’ Alesandro.

In 1996 she won the Second Mention of the First National Show of Small Formats Sculptures, Carlos Paz.

In 1997 she won the Third Mention of Bastion del Carmen Sculpture in Uruguay and the Forth Mention of Casa de La Rioja Sculpture, Buenos Aires.

In 1998 she concentrates on studies of jewellery in Buenos Aires , where she changes her production to small formats and at the same period she was doing seminaries of Post degree in electric autogenously welding with Carlos Martel and Pájaro Gomez.

In 2001 she won Mention on National Show of Visual Arts and in 2002 she is selected for National Show for Visual Arts in Sculpture.

From 2000-2005 she is teaching at her own workshop.

In 2006 she left to Spain where she improve and dedicates completely to the author art jewellery,  she participates in national fairs “Portal del Angel Joyería y objetos Barcelona” and “Feriart Castillo de San Jorge Lisboa; joyería y objetos de diseño”.

She was residing at Barcelona until 2013, when she’s back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue to impart classes at her workshop, where she actually lives, collaborate with other artists and constantly creates.

She did Clinica de Obra with the artist Tulio Sagaztisaval trough 2014 and 2015.

She got her degree at Plastic Arts in 2015.


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“Artista por el artista”. Espacio Latinoamericano de arte. Buenos Aires, Argentina


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