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Massimiliano “Max” Petrossi is an artist and photographer born in Trieste (Italy) in 1975, actually living between UK, Italy, Spain.

His studies of art started at his early days in homeland Italy with  Prof. Carlo Aletti at Painting and drawing workshop  “Laboratorio di pittura e disegno”.

At the age of 32, feeling the boundaries of his hometown getting too tight, he decided to expand his culture and personal growth starting a new life in London.

With his previous experience in drawing and painting he wanted to adopt the medium of photography as a new challenge to represent his perceptions.

He became freelance photographer in London working for public and private events, following music bands, shooting weddings and portraits, covering also commercial commissions.

Many of his personal projects are related to live music events, street and landscape photography.

During his period in UK, Petrossi keeps studying and amplifying deep knowledge about photography and its processing. His interests throughout different courses and workshops, make him get a wider consideration about street fashion photography as well as documentary and  photojournalism

Street Fashion Photography as well as Documentary and Photojournalism.

In the last 5 years in London worked for a major photographic company in one of the busiest high street on the planet; he learnt more of the technical secrets of cameras  and decided to share his skills and notions by starting personalised tutorials.

Petrossi’s personal style is revealed looking at his night landscapes, when the control of the light is amplified by the scarcity of it (like walking or cycling at very slow speed, you get in touch with muscles and sensations usually unnoticed at normal pace…your perception of time and space is deformed and the control over it makes you more human than what the society wants you to be).

As his dad is used to tell him: “nowadays it is very easy to go fast: the real challenge is to know how to slow down…”

“Music for Liberia” and “Out of the ghetto” fundraising events, London, UK.
“London Photo Festival” Collective photographic exhibition. London
“Wildlife Photographer of the Year” Photographic competition – photo selected for the Final Round. London
“Roy Ellis and the Moonstompers” at the “Skamouth 2014” Great Yarmouth, UK.

“Stella Artois” London, UK.
“Naucrates” (an environmental NGO in a remote island in Thailand –
Jessops  ( Oxford Street, London, UK.

“Celebrating EC3” Landscape photographic competition – winner. London
“City of London & C Photograpic Society” Landscape photographic competition winner  (Judge: “The Times” picture editor Paul Sanders)

videography for “Misconducters” videoclip. London, UK.
“Photomonth” International photography festival, London
“Animalia” Personal photographic exhibition. The Sprout Art Gallery, London

“Metalcomelli” creative crafts studio. Udine, Italy.

“Playa Desnuda” videoclip. Gorizia, Italy.
“Tassotto & Max” Wedding Photo-studio. Udine, Italy.
“Animalia” Personal photographic exhibition. The Sprout Art Gallery, London


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