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From 1800 that Kenya’s women is able to communicate her thoughts and ideas trough kangas messages, much earlier than European women could have the possibility to express their ideas in a public way. Overall these messages were accepted and respected. Today Lucia De Su, a conceptual artist from Canary Islands, is making European fashion out of original African fabrics, spreading this beautiful ancestral culture among us, being every fabric unique and handmade.

Dressing this fashion, we dress originally, with our own message, we are not only distinguishing ourselves from the standardized global world, but also it makes us a part of this great social labour, by giving a job to the African continent.

This initiative was awarded by UNESCO’s award for promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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Lucia de Suñer Machado was born at 1966 and passed a good part of her life traveling and living around the world.

Actually residing between Tenerife, Roma and Kenya where she produces one part of her fashion collections, developing the divulgation of ethnical and cultural values by realizing projects of public interest on the institutional level.

Today brand Lucia De Su divulges and promotes cultural elements inside the contexts of fashion and accessories.

This trajectory started thanks to passion for art, throughout the management of contemporary art galleries, which crystallized her sensibility toward ethnical particularity.

Once licensed in Art and Antiques, she started her collaboration with contemporary art galleries ISY Brachot at Bruselas, Jorge Alcolea and Nieves Fernández in Madrid, Leyendecker Tenerife, Cleto Polcina in Roma, managing the direction of the Ku Gallery in Ibiza.

During this period she also collaborated with musical production of Pino Sagliocco organizing “Festivalbar” and “Barcelona 92” concerts at KU Ibiza.

Later on, the designs of Italian high jewelry crossed her way and the interest in fashion showed up. These two worlds came one inside of Lucia and she specialized in research of particularities used in ethical cultures and their transformation in occidental fashion, respecting the principles and values of every single element, she contributes to occidental culture and teaches us many new and unknown facts.

This is how the brand LUCIA DE SU was born, containing now days not only the cloth but also the complements; bags, towels, sandals and craft bijouterie.

In her first collection she uses an ancestral African fabric called KANGA that wraps the body of the African woman. These fabrics are bright-colored, originally designed, printed genuine and they represent in themselves small artworks.

Every Kanga incorporates a phrase, a proverb written in Ki-Swahili language and depending on its meaning, kanga will be worn in different and special moments of a woman life.

Kanga is a principal media of women at Occidental Africa to express ideas. A woman follows personally a complete process of making Kanga, from the research of materials, to design, production and distribution.

Following the investigation in ancestral African fabrics, Lucia travels from Kenya to South Africa, passing through Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali and Congo and exposes a variety of textiles in her shows, revealing the cultural treasure of Africa.


Cultural & benefic fashion show at Malta- Collection inspired by 50’s
Textiles and accessories: skirts, summer coats, dresses, sandals, towels and bijouterie
Material used:
African lake fish skin and bones, painted glass, silver, horn bone, aluminum, Venetian stones
Textiles: Shweshwe, Kanga, Kitenge, African Wax,  Batik, Shoowa, Kola Nut

Collection SANDUKU 2013
Spring/ Summer
Textile and accessories: towels, bags, sandals and bijouterie
Materials used:
Sisal, aluminum, copper, bone, horn, paper, etc
Textiles: original African fabrics: Kikoy, Kitenge, Kanga (all 100% cotton)

The exposition of collection at museum IVAM of Valencia , sported by Casa Africa in occasion of the year of afro descent

Recognition from UNESCO Heritage for the Protection of Ancestral Patrimony of the Antique Civilizations

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