Our work on Cultural Communication and Divulgation of cultural heritage is done in close collaboration with the institutions, well governmental or not.

We believe in institutional involvement in bringing the cultural diversities together in order to spread the knowledge, understanding and respect between the nations.

Leonardo da Vinci :  

The Codex Atlanticus / Il Codice Atlantico 

Itinerary Exhibition 

The Codex Atlanticus exhibition focuses on one of the most significant historical document concerning studies of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts and prestigious collection of models and machines built on behalf of the Leonardo Museum in Vinci .

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Ancestral Cultures Heritage Divulgation 

Cultural fashion show

We are also recognized by UNESCO for our cultural heritage promotion of ancestral cultures trough the ethnic textiles. Our Lucia de Su travels the world rescuing them and creating national, actual fashion collection to be exhibited on the catwalk and afterward, it remains exposed, placed on the mannequins with the big panels behind, talking about the message knitted in the textile, the area of its origin and what it was used for, traditions and habits, photos, etc. During the fashion show the video is recorded and afterward it is projected continuously in the bouclé during the exhibition.

The host can also decide to expose a collection from the other country and in this way learn more from each other.  Or both options. Some of the pieces become parts of the national museum’s collections. Taking this itinerary exhibition around the world throughout cultural events,  the ancient cultures and their diversity survive the step of the time.

All the models are produced in Italy.

Lucia’s SANDUKU collection fashion show, represents the African continent and women trough the Kanga textile and its messages.

This is the initiative that was awarded by UNESCO AWARD for promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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From Athens to today: the Olympic challenges

Itinerary Exhibition

On the occasion of the XXX Olympiad, held in London in 2012, the only exhibition dedicated to the history of the modern Olympics was realized.

Nearly all Olympic disciplines were represented by the tools used by athletes in international competitions. The exhibition had as its backdrop the story of large panels of all editions of the Games.


The great collaborations gave the prestige to the event. A series of interactive games has challenged the visitors with hundreds of entertaining questions on the Olympic events, collected the DVD “Pheidippides the game”.

Completing the exhibition  there is a first scale reconstruction 1: 100 of the Panathinaikos stadium in Athens, the stadium of the first Olympics of the modern era.

Private  views for Companies 

When it comes to prepare the corporate event in a context of the annual meetings of shareholders or to impress customers or future partners, the choice of locating a company  vernissage in an art show, is a sure hit. For this type of events, we select the artists and their works in accordance with corporate  theme and space chosen by the company. The artist is invited to give a talk about his art and exhibited works, he answers questions from the audience and anybody can purchase the works, including our host for their own corporate collection. By combining a painting, installation or sculpture exhibition  with an artistic performance,  the event ganes in entertainment and originality. A touch of elegance and sophistication to add  to your company identity!

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