The art that we chose speaks of us, it communicates to the outside world who we are, we can say that we don’t chose the art we collect, it is the art that chooses us. We recognize ourselves in the artwork and that is why we love it, because it represents us. We collect art that speaks for us with its universal language. Tends bridges to the others we don’t know and who do not know us. It makes us get in touch and it brings our message.

DUDA RADJEN Art Consulting proposes the art faithful to its social exercise. Our art talks about man as the individual and about the society of men. Art that reflects and makes us reflect.

It is our duty to make society reflect along its vertical and horizontal axis, provide added value to improve it, make it more sensitive and altruistic.

It is important to stop and listen what the artwork has to say. It is a pure reflection transformed into the beauty of expression. We all gain.

Call for Sponsor


About the event

The international election „Miss Earth“ is one of the most qualified and most popular beauty contests simultaneously.

Miss Earth requires a specific claim: the candidates are not only evaluated for their appearance and charisma, but mainly for their efforts in the humanitarian field and in the field of environmental protection. This particularity makes the annual winner of Miss Earth automatically the speaker of the Miss Earth Foundation, the Environmental Program of the United Nations (UNEP) and other active groups that support such programs. It is no coincidence that the “motto” of Miss Earth is “Beauties for a Cause”.

In a Miss Earth election there is not only the beauty.

An elected Miss automatically becomes the speaker for the “For Environment and Social Foundation” and participates in the environmental programs of the United Nations (UNEP) or is active in groups that support such programs. Some of the young eco-ambassadors are able to be active for organizational or representative duties for other recognized institutions such as Greenpeace and WWF.

In the foreground is the aspect of the help and understanding for the nature / ENVIRONMENT and peaceful co- existence, other cultures, encourage action, create action awareness, collect donations and active action. Beauty and nature in harmony.

The Miss Earth Switzerland releases her beauty and charisma at the service of the environment and of the human beings. She engages herself for the sustainability and this due to passionate conviction since a decade. Together with the Miss the organization wants to strengthen and promote the awareness of a peaceful and sustainable coexistence of people.

Ten years ago we had a vision: We wanted to use beauty for a good cause and thus make the world a better place. We started with passion and dedication. A path that was not always easy. But in a way that satisfies us today. The Miss Earth Switzerland uses her beauty and charisma in the service of the human beings and the environment. Not because it is due to of fashion trends but by conviction, persistent and committed since 10 years. We follow her, give her advices and networking.

Together we want to raise awareness of a peaceful coexistence of people and sustainability. That’s what we believe in. That’s what we live for. We are like that.

On January 28th Miss Earth Switzerland is celebrating a Gala Evening at the Beaulieu Lausanne  . The event will be attended by Swiss celebrities, CEO of big companies, PRESS/bloggers, families of the candidates, etc .


Event schedual:

  • VIP wall photographs
  • Dinner
  • TV Show with 3 catwalks : casual, beach, night
  • Music acts
  • After Show Event

Duration of the show: 100 minutes

Why should you sponsor?

The benefits of participating in Miss Earth Switzerland include:

  • Outreach to over 4.400.000 people
  • TV Broadcast on national territory of Switzerland
  • Possibility to include the brand’s booth at the foyer of the event.
  • Possibility to publish in “More than Beauty” magazine, which is distributed to professionals all over the


  • Brand mark on the celebrity wall
  • Opportunity for brands to connect with Switzerland influencers.
  • Possibility to invite our Miss Earth Swiss as Special Guest for an Event or PR Campaign

… And over all to support a good cause…

If you wish to have further information or to discuss the event in more detail, please contact us at +34 650903399.


Call for artists

Call Type: Exhibitions

Eligibility: All international artists over the age of 18 are welcome.

City: Milano

State: Italy

Entry Deadline: 15/09/16

Delivery Deadline: 25/09/16

DUDA RADJEN Art Consulting is actually selected visual artists for a curated pop-up sale exhibition that will take a place in Milan, Italy in October 1-9, during the Milano Design Week. The exhibition space is carefully selected in a very elegant and central area.

Our Consulting strives to present visitors with a wide variety of excellent art and unique experiences, exercising a social role of art.

All mediums and subjects accepted. No photography this time.

Max size: 100x100cm, including frame, if framed.

Max 5 images, each file has to contain title and size in cm.

Please attach a short biography, the price list and mail to


* * * * * *

Chiamata per artisti

Duda Radjen Art Consulting seleziona gli artisti per l’esposizione finalizzata alla vendita di opere d’arte durante la Design Week a Milano dal 1 al 9 ottobre 2016. Lo spazio espositivo è stato accuratamente selezionato e si trova in un area elegante e centrale della città di Milano.

Requisiti richiesti: Artisti maggiorenni internazionali impegnati nella denuncia sociale.

Non accettiamo fotografi per questo evento.

Richiediamo per le selezioni 5 immagini comprese di titolo e misure in cm, prezzi delle opere proposte e biografia dell’artista da inviare per email al

L’esito della vostra candidatura all’esposizione vi verrà data entro il 15 settembre 2016.

Le opere dovranno essere inviate a vostre spese presso lo studio della nostra curatrice Arnaout Sara entro e non oltre il 25 settembre 2016 e ritirate ( se non vendute ) presso il medesimo indirizzo entro e non oltre il 10 Ottobre 2016.

Misure massime accettate 100×100 cm (compresa cornice, se presente).


* * * * * *

Convocatoria para artistas

Duda Radjen Art Consulting selecciona los artistas para la exposición destinada a la venta de obras de arte durante la Week Design de Milán de 01 al 09 de octubre de 2016. El espacio expositivo ha sido cuidadosamente seleccionado y se encuentra en una zona elegante y céntrica de la ciudad de Milán, cerca de todos los museos.

Requisitos: Artistas Internacionales mayores de edad que trabajan las esferas sociales de arte; tiempos que vivimos, la sociedad, la actualidad, las realidades, el individuo, etc

No se aceptan los fotógrafos para este evento.

Se requieren 5 imágenes incluyendo título y medidas en cm, los precios de las obras propuestas y biografía del artista, todo enviado por correo electrónico a

El resultado de su solicitud se le dará entro el 15 de septiembre de 2016.

Los trabajos seleccionados han de enviarse al estudio de nuestra curadora no más tarde del 25 de septiembre de 2016 y serán retirados (si no vendidos) en la misma dirección antes del 10 de octubre de 2016.

Máximas medidas aceptadas son 100x100cm (incluyendo el marco, si presente).

Get In Touch

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